The rehoming process

How to find a suitable cat or dog for rehoming

We suggest you contact us by phone for details of any cats awaiting rehoming, since the Cat Team will have the most up to date information.  Dogs awaiting rehoming are now being listed on a Facebook page – search for Heswall Animal Welfare on Facebook.

If you see a particular dog on the Facebook page which you may like to rehome, follow the instructions on the page to contact the  Foster Mum,  who will need information from you to establish whether the dog would be suitable for you.  At present there are few dogs for rehoming and many responses to postings, so you may need to be patient if it takes some time for you to find the dog you want.

If the cat or dog you are enquiring about does not match your circumstances we may suggest other animals which may be more suitable for you – we will give you details to contact the relevant person by phone so that you can see the animal.

Cost of rehoming a dog or cat

If it is agreed that you can take the dog, we will ask for a donation which will depend on the age and breed of the animal.  The prices being asked for dogs have been escalating in the last couple of years, but we try to ask for a fair price, which is likely to be much less than the figure asked by some individuals who offer dogs for sale.  The donation will go towards the cost of looking after dogs (i.e. fostering and veterinary bills). We do not sell dogs and cats for profit – our aim is to find good owners who can provide a suitable home for them.

We only rehome dogs which have been microchipped, since this is the responsibility of the current owner.  If we rehome a microchipped dog, we can arrange for the new owner’s details to be updated on the appropriate database.  Cats will normally be spayed or neutered, but we expect the owner of a dog to pay for spaying or neutering if this becomes desirable.

A donation for rehoming a cat is by arrangement with the cat team.

Adoption forms

In the case of cats, a house check will be required initially. For dogs, the owner will normally be visited after the dog has settled in, usually within a month of rehoming. When we are satisfied that all is well, we ask the new owner to sign an Adoption Form,which transfers the legal ownership of the animal from the Society to the new owner.

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